Charitable Purpose of Foundation

The mission of the Skye McCole Bartusiak Foundation is to support emerging performing artists -- professionally and personally -- with initial emphasis on residents of Texas.

Professional support (Skye's The Limit Award): The Foundation will provide grants to individual artists or teams to support the development and production of films or theatre projects. Grants are competitive and will be awarded on the basis of the artistic merit of the project and the needs of the applicant.

Personal support (Skye's Network): The Foundation will establish and sustain a network of peer support and professional counseling to the following two communities:

  1. young people whose exceptional gifts have led to a life experience possibly deficient in the peer support structures afforded to most young people, and
  2. parents of young people referenced in the preceeding paragraph.

The Foundation was established in July 2014 in memory of Skye McCole Bartusiak who appeared in 14 feature films, numerous shorts, 7 television films, in recurring or guest roles in 11 television series, and in the 2003 Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker. Skye passed away at the age of 21 on July 19, 2014.